With A Rise In Domestic Terrorism, American's Are Turning To A Better Solution To Protect Themselves

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The threat of domestic terrorism is on the rise. Gun law restrictions make protecting your household even harder than before. How can Americans protect themselves and their families against crime?

The solution? Military-grade tactical flashlights are becoming popular self-defense tools. Battle tested, these powerful and incredibly bright lights are giving families a new sense of security in these trying times. One such flashlight, Brite Light Tactical can barely keep up with demand! 

"Demand just keeps increasing. It’s difficult to keep the inventory on the shelves!" 

The Brite Light Tactical is so popular because of its powerful and disorienting "strobe" that delivers a blinding flash of strobe light directly into the attackers eyes!

What makes Brite Light Tactical so effective?

Imagine how you’d feel if someone came right up to you in the dark and took a picture using their flash. It would take you a minute or longer for your eyes to adjust. Now multiply that flash by 100, and instead of a single one time flash it’s a continuous strobe directly in your eyes. You couldn’t see a thing! You’d lose all sense of sight, orientation and even balance!

The Brite Light Tactical strobe feature disorients an attacker long enough for you to run safely away – or attack back!

The country is just now coming around to the importance tactical flashlights. Camping, driving, walking alone in the park at night. The sheer brightness of the light deters would be attackers, and even animals.

When you are in an emergency situation Brite Light Tactical brings immediate attention to yourself. It can be seen for up to 2 miles away!

Used for years by the Army, the Navy Seals, the Coast Guard, first responders like Firemen & Policemen, these amazingly bright and sturdy lights are now available to Americans everywhere.

"A tactical flashlight like the Brite Light Tactical should be a part of any safety and survival kit for every single American. Preparedness is the key. And these tactical flashlights are a foundational piece of gear to have in almost any situation!”

The Brite Light Tactical is “battle-tested”!

Unbiased Review:

We received a shipment of  5 Brite Light Tactical flashlights promptly upon ordering. We were expecting something on the order of a traditional “Mag-Lite” that had been so popular a few years back. The flashlight is surprisingly light-weight, but it has a very sturdy and rugged feel in the hand. Clearly some high tech engineers spent many hours designing this instrument for optimum look and feel.

We also liked the multiple settings: A continuous “High Beam”, the “Strobe Mode” and the life-saving “SOS” setting.

This is not a light you want to be caught on the receiving end of!

Add to this, the ability to zoom from a thin and narrow beam, to a wide angle blast of light, and we don’t know what else you could ask of a tactical flashlight.

We inserted the batteries and it is clearly the brightest flashlight we've ever held. The strobe mode was very disorienting.

It only took a few minutes of using the Brite Light Tactical, to discover why this has become the “go-to” flashlight for the entire country! This flashlight can go anywhere. We would recommend it for safety kits, cars, the pantry or junk drawers, by the bedside … anywhere the situation for a light might be needed.”

“I’ve bought dozens of flashlights over the years and I have never owned a flashlight that was anywhere near this bright!”

“With this level of power and brightness … this level of craftmenship and sturdiness … Not only should every household own several … but more importantly – why wouldn’t you!”

Brite Light Tactical Flashlights are selling for 75% off today! Order at this one time discounted price. Ensure that you and your loved ones are always prepared. The Brite Light Tactical makes the brightest flashlights dull by comparison.

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